Billed as one of the greatest entertainment shows ever, the X-Factor certainly thrills the millions in the United States. Media and music mogul Simon Cowell has certainly been hugely successful in exporting the X-factor brand to the US and he just can’t get one foot wrong in any department. Last year’s competition was incredible and the level of the participants quite out of this world but in the end, the sensational Alex and Sierra definitely deserved victory.

Female gutarist

The X factor USA 2013 was quite a harsh and essentially brutal competition. With such extremely high standards, it was only logical that the result would have to be something quite sensational with Alex and Sierra definitely fitting the bill. The finalists were Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt and the A and S duo but it was immediately apparent on the final night that the latter would be crowned winners. Most betting sites such as Nordicbet had excellent odds on Alex and Sierra and the punters who took the risk on the pair were proved right in the end. This year is no exception and the odds for X-Factor USA 2014 are quite eagerly awaited.

So what are to expect for this year’s X-Factor USA? Undoubtedly we’ll have bucketloads of talent making it very difficult to choose who is going to be the winner. The variety of judges should be entertaining although we don’t know who these are going to be yet. Will Demi Lovato return to the fold and spoil us with her acerbic tongue? Will she clash publicly with Simon again? Or perhaps, Cowell who’s just had a baby boy with his girlfriend will have mellowed down a bit and will be a little more humane. Or maybe there’s another One Direction on the cards, this time a US spoof of the hugely successful boy band. Once the competition rolls around we’ll be in for a treat, that’s for sure. And hey – since auditions are still ongoing, there is nothing stopping you from chasing your dreams and become the contestant with a shot at winning.

Eurovision Song Contest

Every year we have the drama and passion that is the Eurovision Song Contest. This year it’s taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark after the mysteriously named Emmelie De Forrest trounced all the competition last year with her wonderful song, ‘Only Teardrops’. Some of the countries which made it through to last year’s final were also not so much of a surprise such as Ireland although one would have expected Belgium and Finland to make it as well. The real joy of the ESC however is its rather ludicrous points system where ‘neighbours’ constantly get shouted at especially since the Eastern European countries entered the fray.

People on music concert

As usual the bloggers will be having a field day commenting on the final evening with some quirky hairstyles and general appearances coming on for the sharp pen. That is really one of the plus points of the ESC since it creates a sense of tongue in cheek with many of the entries appearing to be spoofs and only there to have fun. Although the odds for this year’s contest aren’t out yet, they will definitely be there soon on Betsafe where you will be able to see whether the experts agree with your assessment of which country will win this year’s Eurovision.

So who will you be putting your money on when the semi-finals make their appearance in Copenhagen? Serbia and Bulgaria are likely to be making a good showing although there are some dark horses in the shape of Lithuania and Sweden who always have the Abba tag going for them. Everybody seems to be going for Estonia although they always get good odds and perform pretty badly in the end. It’s a mixed bag then but the quality is certainly pretty good this time round so we really cannot pin down on one song and say this is a sure fire certainty to win. Let’s just wait and see!

Top 5 USA Greatest Music Hits.

The USA has produced some of the greatest music of all time. The freedom to be creative in America and the diversity contained states across the country has lent itself to producing incredible music across various genres that is unrivaled by any other country. To celebrate this tremendous achievement, here are our top five hits of all time from the USA.

Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time

girl-listen-musicIt might seem somewhat of a cliche to include this song, however, it is worthy of its place due to the fact that not only is it a great song but also that it heralded the start of a new era of female pop stars from the United States who would dominate the world scene for years to come.

The Eagles – Hotel California

As undoubtedly one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll tracks of all time, this has to be included as one of the top five greatest hits. Cryptically symbolic of so much of Hollywood and American celebrity culture this is a joy to listen to.

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

As the country of some of the biggest and best movies of all time our top five list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of at least one tremendous movie soundtrack. Our choice is this Aerosmith song as its sheer intensity and passion cannot be rivalled by any other soundtrack.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

As a demonstration of the variety and versatility within the music scene of the United States, our top five comes this sensitive and personally revealing heavy-metal track which is loved the world over.

Elvis – Suspicious Minds

It seems only correct that one of America’s biggest stars ever has a place within our top five. Elvis truly transcended the music industry and became a world wide phenomenal. As perhaps his best hit, Suspicious Minds has got to be on the list!

Famous male singers

Old Grooves

Guitarist playing solo on the acoustic guitarMention the name, Frankie or Ol’ Blue Eyes and anyone who has ever owned a radio or a turntable will immediately think of the man who did it his way. His musical style was as smooth as his fashion sense. In total contrast, the long-haired and unkempt appearance of Willie Nelson still ensured that country music was ‘Always on My Mind’.

New Moves

‘DJ’s Got Us Falling in Love’ with Usher’s voice and his slick moves keep us on our toes on the dance floor. Providing some competition and making sure that Pop remained totally NSYNC with what fans wanted shone the spotlight on Justin Timberlake’s own unique moves. Together, they ensure that musical magic lives on.

Famous female singers

Mariah Carey

female-singingA singer, songwriter and actress from New York, Mariah Carey is most famously known for the songs ‘Hero’ and ‘One Sweet Day’ which she sang with BoysIIMen as well as the Christmas blockbuster hit, ‘All I want for Christmas’. Mariah was a judge on American Idol and appeared at the White House’s Christmas Tree light switch on in 2013.

Britney Spears

Hailing from Mississippi, the princess of pop is known globally for her chart topping tunes, ‘Baby One More Time’ and ‘oOops, I did it again’. Growing up, Britney was a Mouseketeers on “The Mickey Mouse Club” TV show. She’s outgrown that now and is a mum to two children as well as being involved in charity work through the Britney Spears Foundation.